Integral Research

Hart Realty Advisers uses research-based methodology to support the decision-making process for acquisitions, asset management, and dispositions. We believe the best real estate decisions are made with informed judgment that comes from weighing all sides of various opinions formed through analysis of market data, multiple research findings, past experience, and current market knowledge.

In recognition of the importance of research, Hart:

  • Makes market-based data available to our professionals at their desktops.
  • Assists in providing specific data and reports requested by clients.
  • Creates property-type outlooks that detail market conditions, economic impact, leasing and occupancy trends, and sector forecasts.
  • Prepares economic and demographic data integrated with the investment knowledge of our real estate professionals to help formulate investment strategy and determine target markets.

In selecting target markets and property types with the most attractive investment potential, we employ a top-down view of current and expected economic and market conditions with a bottom-up perspective of local market knowledge. Because significant economic and real estate market differences often exist among metropolitan areas, research develops models based on fundamental assessments of demand-and-supply indicators to help identify those metropolitan areas where investments are most likely to produce excellent results. Hart will also invest selectively outside these targeted markets.